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"Thanks for your efforts in running such a slickly run set-up in general—I've recommended Writerfind to other writers because it's such a pleasure to be involved with. " Bridget Ellis-Pegler, New Zealand

"You may be interested to know that in the two years I've subscribed to Writerfind, most of the new clients who have found me via my listing are organizations right here in Austin, Texas. Writerfind continues to be a good investment for me. Every month I receive inquiries from potential clients who find me via my Writerfind listing." Martha Collins, USA

"I've found the direct service provided by Writerfind since I joined in March 2002 to be excellent. In fact, the business gained from Writerfind has generated approximately 40% of my income over the last 9 months. This has been a real fillip to my freelancing efforts. Cheers, Writerfind!" Chris Ford, New Zealand.

"Thanks again for an excellent service. I continue to be contacted by people who found me via Writerfind—my listing pops up pretty high on the list in a Google search, thanks to your efforts." Cathy Chatfield-Taylor, USA

"With Writerfind, I've gotten to work with very nice, sharp people from countries I haven't worked in before doing things I've not done before. It's added a unique flavor and variety to my assignments that I hadn't gotten to enjoy before. And, one of my sources for a Dutch publication recently moved to Houston with her family, and we are getting together soon! Many thanks for everything." Carol Rust, USA

"I have been a Writerfind subscriber since the site began and have always been really happy with the service. I have picked up a number of assignments and have also established ongoing relationships with several editors and clients thanks to Writerfind." Mark Wright, New Zealand.

"The ability to provide biographical details simply by emailing the URL to my page on your well designed  web site is a real plus. It looks good, is simple and 'zero hassle'. I love it!... WriterFind is a viable market development facility not a chat-room address for  bored try-hards." Michael Sheffield, Australia.

"I have renewed my sub over the web. Thanks. It's a great service." Daniel Paul, New Zealand.

"Just to say thank you—I receive many e-mails from persons who see my profile at writerfind. And, quite a few translate into actual projects." Sudha Seshadri, India

"I think the service you provide is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations." Jenny Haworth, New Zealand.

"In the 3 months I've had my web page up I've had 3 freelance contracts develop from initial enquiries—from the USA, Australia and Auckland ... Thanks for creating a great resource." Jade Reidy, New Zealand.

"An excellent service, I'd be nowhere without them! [Assignments obtained through the service include] Several assignments from the US, 1-2 from Oz, a variety of interesting and enjoyable research-based jobs on everything from dancing honey bees to the invention of Vegemite." Jennifer Lee, Australia..

"Great service & user friendly site...Good selection of work." Jann Dyer, New Zealand.

"Great service... It's been well worth the money." Rachel Anthony, New Zealand.

"Once again, thank you for providing such an excellent service that has always given me work and which is now really making a big difference to my career." Faye Lougher, New Zealand.

"It's a great site, you do an excellent job of running it. ..The best value I've had from Writerfind is actually finding other writers—it's been a fantastic resource when I need talent in a hurry!.." Zoe Wilde, New Zealand.

"I think you provide an excellent service and—although when I am busy with contracts I do not give it my full attention—I keep all messages and find it very valuable to have as a service. I often gain up to date items from it of use in advising clients." Christine Negus, New Zealand.

"Excellent service ...Inclusion on the Writerfind database is an effective aid to finding work. " Paula Shelton—Interface Business Consultancy Services Ltd., New Zealand.

"As always, thanks for such a great service." Lyn Uhlmann, Australia.

"I queried [an editor] and in her reply she said how useful my Writerfind page was because she could read about me and my samples of work. Vital for her as she didn't like to try a new writer without reading a wide range of the writer's work. She thinks that it's better than clips and I did send those too!" PDR Lindsay, New Zealand.

"Thanks again for a great service: I have just had sample work accepted... by one organisation you advertised, and now contribute regularly to their site." Dave West, New Zealand.

"Your site definitely works...and I will happily recommend WriterFind to any contract journalist" Graham Hawkes, New Zealand.

"We got the contract and one of my writers has started this week.... this is one that is definitely due to Thanks again." Beverley Stevens, New Zealand.

"... thanks for the service you are providing.... I have had two good jobs from Writerfind in the last two months. Keep up the good work!" Helen Ough Dealy, New Zealand.

"Thanks for a great service—I have had a small number of leads (which suits my part-time working needs) but all of them have turned into offers of work!" Annabel Gould, New Zealand

" I have landed several very lucrative contracts for overseas publications. These are contacts that I would probably never had made if it wasn't for the Writerfind site. ...Keep up the fantastic work " Louise Thomas, New Zealand.

"There are a lot of jobs on the lists, even from this country, that I would never find out about otherwise. I always study those lists carefully because there are many good opportunities there. The jobs lists save me having to spend a lot of time searching the internet, which I used to do...Thanks for all your effort. Believe me it is appreciated." Mike Elphick, New Zealand.

"... thanks for all the emails, you are doing a fantastic job..." Helen Jamieson, New Zealand.

"I have been contacted by other would-be writers through Writerfind, which has led to worthwhile projects and for that I am thankful for your service." Clifford Thurlow, UK.

"Since joining up with writerfind I have had so many jobs come my way I can barely keep up! I have joined so many other sites that usually saw me spending more hours writing proposals to secure "bids" to clients that never replied that I hardly had any time left to do the kind of writing that I love. Now my portfolio just continues to expand as I try my hand at all different forms of writing; from articles on a variety of topics, to advertising and website copy, newsletters and brochures, and the list goes on.

Writerfind makes getting suitable gigs so easy! I get direct contact with the clients who actually contact me back, and usually they will offer me the job!

I was talking to a fellow freelancer who was bemoaning the lack of work and said that she found she was making more money from taking photos. I found that so hard to believe and promptly recommended Writerfind to her. "Don't do that!" my Mum said. "Never reveal the secrets of your success". Of course I reassured her that there was plenty enough work for all of us and that I could confidently spread the word and still earn all I need to doing what I love best.

Thanks writerfind!" Lisa Mora, Australia