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Sandy Leen
Business writing specialist based in Auckland. I write and edit website content and print communications for SMEs and corporates that engages their market and generates action. Your customers, clients and colleagues will notice the difference.


Local Availability: Auckland is my base but I meet with clients as far afield as Sydney, Australia.

Media Experience

Print, Web, TV, Magazines

Biographical Note

For nearly 20 years Iíve written and edited copy for small businesses and not-for-profits as well as some of New Zealandís biggest corporates. But size doesnít matter! Key to the success of any brief is the ability to identify the target market and convey your messages clearly so they inspire the reader to take action. I do that by getting to know your business well, understanding your products or services and your market.

I can help your business in four areas:

ē Online: Information on a screen is read very differently from words printed on a page. Iím a trained SEO copywriter, skilled in writing for your audience and the search engines: website pages, articles, e-newsletters, personal profiles, blogs, customer success stories, video scripts.
ē In Print: I research and write reports, tenders, board proposals, brochures, letters to customers, articles, white papers, case studies, in-house magazines, sponsored editorial, newsletters, all B2B communications.
ē Copy Editing and Proof Reading: Iíll polish your writing so you look and sound professional and confident while making your point. This could be writing intended for print or the web.
ē Coaching: Whether you want people to respond to your emails or understand your proposal, you can learn to get your messages across in writing more clearly and more quickly to generate action. I can show you how to plan and structure your writing, and how to use words to engage your reader.

You can find out more about what I do and what my clients say about my work at

Contact Details
Katipo Copywriters, 76D Lucerne Rd, Auckland, 1050
Ph: 021 818 208