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Writerfind, established in 1998, is a site for experienced, professional writers who are seeking freelance or contract work. The site caters to:

We specialise in providing freelance opportunities that let professional writers and editors work from home. Testimonials.

Writerfind has an international focus, and the freelancers who list on the site hail from many places, including USA, Australia, India, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. They are experienced professionals (we do not accept newbies) and professional areas of expertise covered on the site include journalism and commentating, content writing, corporate writing, editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, scriptwriting, technical writing, instructional writing, copywriting and speechwriting.

The site is optimised for search engines and regularly attracts plenty of organic search traffic for relevant keywords. Some keywords that have recently brought traffic to the site include: ghost writer, feature writers,freelance journalists, freelance writers, corporate writer, freelance technical writer, copywriter, scriptwriters, screenwriters, content writers, proofreaders, and public relations writers.


Writerfind Profile (Listing on the Site)

An example of a text-only Writerfind Profile:; an example of a Writerfind Profile with a photo included:

Profile - Annual flat fee: $109**
(Note: This price applies for individuals only. If you are an organisation of two or more staff, a different rate may apply. Please email us for more information.). Includes photograph (optional).

Writerfind Profile: Optional Enhancements 
As optional enhancements to your Writerfind Profile, you can order the following:

Samples of your Writing
We will post up to 5 samples of your writing on the Writerfind  web-site. The benefit to you is convenience. Instead of having to send out your samples with every query or proposal, you can simply refer to the URL where your samples are posted. 

Additional Annual Fee: $50

Sign up here for a Profile with payment by annual fee

Profile - Commission-based payment. You do not pay a flat fee when you sign up but you pay a commission of 10% for the first three months for the work received through the Writerfind site. If you choose to pay by commission, you will pay for the first three months of income from work that you have obtained from each client through Writerfind. Your profile, which you will write yourself, will look the same as those of writers paying a flat fee, but with the difference that your direct contact details will not be included (view sample), and the client will instead contact us and we will redirect this contact to you.

We accept only experienced professional writers and editors, with a good standard of written English, so if you think you have the right experience, please provide the information for your profile on this page, and it will be listed on the site (provided it meets our standards).

* The annual fee covers one revision per year to the content of your web-page and writing samples (if applicable).  Any more will incur a fee of  $20 per revision. All updates to contact details are free of charge. (Note: This price applies for individuals only. If you are an organisation of two or more staff, a different rate may apply. Please email us for more information:  )

** Prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars.  If you are not familiar with the NZ dollar, and want to get an idea of how much this will cost in your own currency, check this currency converter.

Contact may be made by phone or email. Phone: 64 4 9390236
(Email enquiries will receive a quicker response than phone.)