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2 December 2007

In this issue:

* Is this just me -- or are people just paying less for freelance writing these days?
* Web Writing Tips
* Customer Feedback

Is this just me -- or are people just paying less for freelance writing these days?

An increasing number of people are trying to post poorly paid jobs through Writerfind. Those jobs are now being rejected. When we surveyed Writerfind subscribers, most said they would not be willing to work for under 10 cents per word.
The site is intended to be a site for professionals - people who need to make a living from writing and editing. So, from now on, please note that we will only be accepting work which pays 10 cents per word at the very least. Nor will we be posting "revenue sharing opportunities", as these too, going by the feedback, tend to lead nowhere pay-wise.


Late jobs and telecommuting jobs for NZ nightowls. Local or international telecommuting jobs. Night shift work. Late start jobs. Post jobs and find jobs.

Web Writing Tips

There's a big difference between print writing and web writing. Knowing this difference will be useful if you are accustomed to print writing but looking to break into web writing. The biggest difference is that readers on the web tend to scan the material rather than reading it carefully. They take in only those parts that most interest them. Here are a few tips:

Be Concise

Verbose articles have no place on the web. Save them for print writing. It's best to get to the point quickly. It's OK to show personality -- just be sure it doesn't lead to waffly writing - stay with the topic and keep the tone conversational.

Break up your Writing

Avoid long blocks of text - these are hard to absorb on the web. Break it up into smaller blocks, as your readers have a short attention span. Use headings and sub headings to chunk your writing into key points so people can see quickly if the information you provide is what they are seeking. Try using lists and bullet points to break up text.

Explain your Links

On of the most annoying things on the web is obscure-sounding links that are not explained. Make sure to label your links so it is easy to understand what they are pointing to. But don't go overboard - if your explanations and definitions become too verbose, your reader will easily get bored. If you can't label a link concisely, consider linking to another page which goes into more length so those who are interested can get the information they need and those who don't can move on quickly. Then readers who want to know more can read the "verbose" stuff while others carry on with their reading.

Customer Feedback

One of many happy customers who list on our site, Kevin Cudby of Wellington, New Zealand (, has this to say:

"I am so busy I have been turning work away. Writerfind is an important part of that - most of my work comes through either Writerfind or my own website."

Another happy customer, Martha Collins ( of Texas, USA says:

"Writerfind continues to be a good investment for me. Every month I receive inquiries from potential clients who find me via my Writerfind listing."

An abundance of jobs come via listings on the site like Kevin's and Martha's, and many of them are not posted publicly. Sign up for a Writerfind Profile now at, and get a piece of this work. Experienced professionals only please.


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