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Correspondence and FAQs
Successful Freelance Health Writing, by Lev G. Fedyniak, MD
Freelance Work

Correspondence and FAQs

1. Re: Training for Proofreaders

Questions we get frequently: "If I want to be a proofreader, is it best to
take a course, or can I do so without special qualifications?" And: "Who
offers courses for proofreaders?'

If anyone can help with these enquiries, please email your replies to, and they will be published in the next newsletter.

2. A Useful Resource

Dee Rimbaud wrote:

"I would like to recommend an online writers' resource that your readers will
find useful. It's the AA Independent Press Guide, which is at

It is a free resource, with detailed listings of over 2,000 literary magazines
and publishers and links to over 800 internet magazines. It also hundreds of
links to writers' webpages and online writers' resources."


Successful Freelance Health Writing

    Like with any category specialization in freelance writing, the first
step is to be a good writer! If you haven’t laid a good writing foundation,
oriented to freelance writing, then first and foremost, DO SO NOW! What you
write as a health writer can literally impact thousands and thousands of
people, hopefully for the better. But that means you have to know your craft!

    Writers come to health writing from a number of different
perspectives. Some see the vast potential in health writing as a specialty
niche where they can make an excellent living. It seems every time you turn
around there’s a new health, fitness, nutrition- the list is endless- magazine
at the newsstand. Consumers can’t seem to get enough information about health
and certain publications, particularly newspapers, are obsessed with health
topics. And that’s GOOD NEWS for health writers. Successful health writers
earn upwards of $50,000 per year!

    Other writers come at health writing from a more personal perspective.
Perhaps they or a loved one has suffered a particular type of disease or
illness and they want to communicate their insights, including treatment
methods, to the rest of the world. Or perhaps they are personally committed to
a particular health related cause. Still others may be in a medical, health or
health allied occupation and want to share their expertise.

    All are legitimate reasons for wanting to get into health writing.
But, none of them guarantee success as a health writer.

    To be a successful health writer, you need to follow a system that
involves an article idea, research, writing and marketing. And, quite frankly,
it’s the marketing that separates the successful form the unsuccessful health
writer. Too often, freelance writers are haphazard in the way they run their
business. And make no mistake about it- freelance writing IS a business!

    First and foremost, you as a health writer (or any kind of writer for
that matter) must produce health features that people want to read. That means
not writing over their heads, explaining difficult concepts in a way they will
understand, using real life examples and making it interesting!

Choosing a topic that’s timely wouldn’t hurt either! Like in most other
categories of writing, there are trends in health writing. Specific topics are
“hot”, often because of some significant research breakthrough or because a
superstar has developed a particular disease. These topics then “cool down” to
be replaced by something else, only to re-surface again later down the road.
Developing a sense of these trends will help you to sell more articles.

Don’t discount topics that interest you simply because they’re not hot. They
may well be hot in another part of the world or in a magazine that specializes
in the topic. And certain topics are always timely- Alzheimer’s, advances in
cancer treatment, cardiovascular topics, and others.

Then, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The kiss of death in health writing is not doing the
research to get your facts straight. Read the research, contact the authors
directly as well as other experts (getting a useable quote is always a great
help in writing your feature). Doing the research and then explaining it in
terms the average non-medical consumer can understand is the key reason health
writers get paid as well as they do. So don’t skimp here. And make sure you
use research from both sides of a topic to give your article balance.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest markets in health, fitness, nutrition,
alternative health, etc. is critical to your success. Spend time at your
Barnes & Noble Mega Store and browse through the magazine rack. Don’t limit
yourself to just specific topics of health. Many other magazines use health
features including women’s and men’s magazines, parenting magazines,
publications aimed at seniors and many more. Open your mind to other
possibilities and think globally. Jot down email and website addresses, fax
numbers, editors’ names, types of articles the magazine favors, etc., which
helps you to create a database of potential markets.

One last thing. By writing about health, you offer the knowledge of a
treatment or procedure, or the knowledge about ways to prevent the disease or
illness, or inform people about a new advance or procedure, not to just a
limited few, but to thousands and thousands of people. Even hundreds of
thousands of people can be impacted. That has an enormous universal value that
can save countless lives. Health writing is therefore, a way of being of
service to humankind that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Lev G. Fedyniak, MD, “Dr. Lev”, began his medical career in alternative
medicine before going on to take his medical degree. He has also been a
freelance writer throughout. He can be contacted at .

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Freelance Work

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thousands of articles written by professionals and experts in business-related
subject fields.It is seeking writers.
(Posted to job board, 11 April. Location anywhere)

Grassroots Research, a department of RCM Global Investors is currently looking
for freelance investigative journalist who live in Italy, Japan or Korea.
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China based journalist required.
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