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Interview with a freelance writer-- Faye Lougher
Notice: Short Course at Macquarie University, Australia
Freelance work


Interview with a freelance writer-- Faye Lougher
In this interview, Faye Lougher, a full-time freelance writer and Writerfind
subscriber, describes how she finds work, and her most interesting and
challenging experiences as a freelancer. She also offers tips for those who
are just starting out on a career in freelance writing.

Why did you take up freelance writing as a career?

I had worked full-time as both a journalist and a photographer for various
newspapers and magazines for about seven years and didn’t always enjoy the
long hours (including evenings, weekends and public holidays). I also got
frustrated at not being able to dig deeper and uncover the real stories behind
the news because of always working to a deadline. In 2002 I decided it was
now or never and gave up full-time employment to work as a freelance writer,
editor, proofreader and photographer.

Describe the kinds of work do you do as a freelance writer/editor.

I do a bit of everything! I write news stories and take news photographs; I
proofread and edit government policy documents and reports; I write newsletter
content and take accompanying photographs; I write and photograph advertising
features, and I write articles and take photographs for magazines, websites
and trade publications. I am willing to take on any assignment I think will
either interest or challenge me.

Describe the methods you use to find work?

A large percentage of my work comes from my listing on Writerfind – and good
quality assignments too. Several clients who contacted me through my listing
on Writerfind are still using my services today and many have recommended me
to others looking for writers and editors. Now that I have established a
reputation for providing top quality writing, editing and photography
services, much of my work comes from word of mouth – recommendations from
satisfied clients. I have also advertised in newspapers and approached
personnel agencies, but this has been the least effective method of gaining
work. Direct approaches to companies and organisations can result in new
business, if targeted and not just a random mailing.

From your experience, what has been the most effective method for finding

Writerfind has been one of my best investments. A journalist friend who uses
Writerfind whenever she needs additional writers told me about the site. I
was very impressed with the professionalism of the site and gained my first
freelance assignment soon after joining. I am still working for that client
today and the work I gain through that client alone makes up close to 20
percent of my annual income. Writerfind is like a shop front for me – working
24 hours a day to find me work for an extremely reasonable fee. I have
recommended Writerfind to other freelance journalists because the
professionals listed on the site are just that – professionals.

Describe one of the most interesting experiences you have had in your career
as a freelance writer?

This is a hard question to answer because there have been so many interesting
experiences! Photographing motorcycle racing for Kiwi Rider led to me
learning to ride and buying a motorcycle – and because of that interest I met
the man who is now my husband! And photographing car rallying resulted in me
becoming a codriver for a couple of years, so I suppose this kind of career
can open up whole new worlds.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced?

I suppose the greatest challenge initially is becoming established. Once you
have completed assignments and clients are happy with your work, they will
continue to use your services and often recommend you to others and regular
assignments begin to roll in. The hardest part is gaining those first clients
if you are totally new to the business – if you haven’t built up a reputation
for providing a service, new clients are often reluctant to offer you work.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone who is
just starting out as a freelance writer?

Many years ago I attended a writing workshop where Kate Coughlan (then
features editor for The Evening Post) was a guest speaker. She talked about
what she looked for in a freelancer and her advice has always stayed with me.
She said above all a freelancer must be reliable – if you commit to providing
a client with a service by a certain deadline and you fail to deliver, it is
the quickest way to ensure you will not be used again. There are many
writers, editors and photographers out there who do the same work I do so I
need to do the best job I can ALL the time. You may get away with having an
off day if you are a full-time employee, but if you present inferior work or
miss a deadline, you won’t get a second chance. I even completed an
assignment for a longstanding client two days before my wedding last year! I
didn’t have to, but it showed him I was prepared to go the extra mile –
something you have to do if you want to make a career out of being a
Notice: Short Course at Macquarie University, Australia

“Reporting Terrorism: Is Publicity Everything?”

Two Day Short Course 2nd – 3rd February 2006


This dynamic two day short courses examines the challenges ahead for the media
in investigating and reporting terrorism in Australia and overseas.

To deliver this course, PICT draws together a diverse group of renown
academics and professionals to inform, engage and stimulate journalists,
reporters and people who have a role in investigating, reporting or providing
commentary on terrorism and counter-terrorism.

Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism training facilities
located at Level 1, Dow Corning Building, 3 Innovation Drive, Macquarie
University, North Ryde

For further information about the presenters and content please contact:
Annabel McConnachie (PICT Business Manager)

(+61 2) 9850 4712



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