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15 April 2014

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Writerfind Site Redesign
News and Views from Around the Web

Writerfind Site Redesign

In response to customer demand, the site has recently been redesigned. The look and feel of the site
has been changed, for a more more up-to-date look, and the navigation has been improved to make it easier to for
people to find what they are looking for.

News and Views from Around the Web

Newsrooms freeze out freelancers moonlighting for brands

If you are blogging for a company, you may become anathema to news editors, according to this article.


7 Essential Tips For Writers Who Hope To Engage Millions Of Readers

Kathy Caprino of gets tips from Amy Newmark, who has been the publisher and author of the Chicken Soup for
the Soul line of books since 2008. readers/    


Writing, Prestige and Other Things That Don’t Pay the Rent

“Does journalism fit into capitalism?” That is “the question of the hour,” according to Manjula Martin, a freelance
writer and editor. Martin has carved out a space for discussing the economic landscape for writers through her online
database, Who Pays Writers?, and the digital magazine, Scratch.


Why I Write for Free

Stephanie Lucianovic on the joys of self-expression and writing for its own sake. A controversial stance, and the
opposing side of the debate, "Why I Don't Write for Free", is also posted here.


Fresh hope for writers while 3D specialists on the rise in online jobs market

One of the biggest trends set to emerge over the next few years though will be the rise of the freelancer... says it recently saw an extremely strong increase in content writing related jobs, including ghost
writing and copywriting jobs.


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