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8 March 2010

In this issue:

News from Writerfind: Facebook Page, Guide to Hiring Business Writers
Feature Article: Interview with a Professional Freelancer: Martha Collins
Freelance Work


Writerfind Facebook Page

The Facebook page launched late last year is now quite active. It includes tips, trends, news, opinion, and debate from around the web for freelance writers and editors.

You are welcome to join: 

New: Guide to Hiring Business Writers

A guide to hiring a freelance business writer has recently been posted to the Writerfind site: 

The article covers the following topics: The benefits of hiring a business writer, what to look for in a writer's resume, how to decide whether a writing project is suitable for outsourcing, how to find writers, pitfalls to watch out for, and a rough estimate of going rates for business writers. (This article may be reprinted freely, so long as the biographical information at the bottom is included.)


This is one of a series of interviews of professional freelance writers and editors who are Writerfind subscribers.

Why did you take up freelance writing and editing as a career?

Martha Collins: I've always wanted to write and edit, and doing so as a freelancer means that I get to cover a variety of subject areas, which keeps it interesting. 

Describe the kinds of work do you do as a freelance writer/editor.

Martha Collins: I write magazine features, newspaper articles, and Web content in the subject areas of business, healthcare, education, the meeting industry, and technology. I edit, copyedit, and proofread books, magazines, educational materials and Web content in those same content areas. I also do some editing for nonprofit organizations. 

Describe the methods you use to find work

Martha Collins: I've been freelancing for 14 years and have many long-standing clients located throughout the country. At this stage of my career, my greatest source of new business is referrals from those clients. 

From your experience, what has been the most effective method for finding

Martha Collins: My Writerfind profile brings me much of the new business that I get right here in Austin, Texas. Most of my Austin-based clients were specifically looking for a local freelancer when they found me on 

Describe one of the most interesting experiences you have had in your career as a freelance writer?

Martha Collins: One of my first assignments was a series of short articles on executive hobbies. The first man I interviewed had restored a World War II training plane, a PT-19 open-cockpit tail-dragger. After the article ran, he took me for a ride. I donned a jumpsuit and a head set and climbed into the second seat for the ride of a lifetime--I literally touched a cloud. I keep two photos of that adventure on a shelf in my office so I'm always reminded of how much fun it can be to be a writer. 

What is the greatest challenge you have faced?

Martha Collins: Scheduling and deadlines can sometimes be challenging because a freelancer is dependent on so many other people also getting things done on time.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting out as a freelance writer?

Martha Collins: You have to understand the business side of things. Freelancing involves much more than writing and editing. Learn everything you can about scheduling, writing proposals and queries, reviewing contracts, setting or negotiating fees, and keeping good records.

Marthas Writerfind profile can be viewed at 



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Work currently posted on our public job board,

A UK translation company is seeking talented freelance writer(s) to produce professionally written (English) articles covering a range of subjects. (Posted 1 March. Location anywhere)

A writer is sought to undertake a desktop analysis of existing resources related to electronic appliances such as TV, audio, home entertainment and computer peripherals and then, to collaborate with us to develop course content. (Posted 26 Feb. Location New Zealand)

Established Greeting card company (www. JQ looking for experienced greeting card verse writers/ idea people. (Posted 23 Feb. Location anywhere)

We are presently looking for a person who is capable of doing intense research, developing a concept of the book in a flow from history, compiling and editing of collected information and then finally writing them in a creative manuscript. (Posted 23 Feb. Location India)

Education website seeks content. (Posted 23 Feb. Location anywhere) 

Web article writers wanted. (Posted 23 Feb. Location anywhere) 

William Frick is a US-based manufacturer of Labels, Decals, RFID tags, and utility markers. I have around 10-20 projects per month that needs to be completed. (Posted 16 Feb. Location anywhere)

Articles wanted for website. (Posted 16 Feb. Location anywhere)


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