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17 June 2008

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Here's the latest news on what's been happening lately at

1. Writerfind will soon be profiled in FPO magazine, a magazine which reaches approximately 20,000 publishing professionals. We anticipate that this will 
result in a higher profile our members among those who could use their writing and editing services.

2. There have recently been a number of inexperienced writers wanting to list on It is important to stress again that is intended for experienced writers only - the site markets itself, and draws quality clients, on the basis that it is one of the few places 
on the web where those clients will find only experienced professionals listed.



Dear Reader,

I finally found a way to make a living as a writer. I'm averaging about $150 an hour and I only work a few hours each morning, leaving me with most of the 
day to pursue my first love: Fiction.

I didn't think it was possible to get rich as a freelance writer. The problem was I was in the wrong writing business. Instead of pouring everything I had 
into writing an article for a measly $25 like I used to do, I now pull in, on average, $150 per hour writing simple letters. 

Today, I’m living my dream. I get to watch my son grow up and I’m making great money as a full-time writer. And I’ve already had five of my books published. 
It’s everything I hoped it would be… and much more.

If you crave more control over your time and your life… a better balance of family and friends and work... a level of job security nearly unheard of 
elsewhere... the possibility of real wealth... then take a look at the following letter I wrote. It will tell you all about what I do… and how you can learn 
this trade, too.


Beth Erickson
Fellow Writer and Copywriter


Feature Article

This Article is Timeless
By David Hamilton

This article, as the title boldly states, is timeless. It is timeless in the sense that it does not mention any current celebrity, political pundit or late 
breaking scandal. The content will remain fresh and consumable through Winter, Spring,Summer and Fall. For this reason, the article is exactly half of what 
a great article should be. 

The greatest and most successful content will contain elements that are both timely and timeless. A timely article is like a soda can left open on the 
counter. It will pop, fizz and delight for a few hours, then become flat and tasteless. 

By contrast, a timeless article is a well-sealed bottle of wine. It may sit in the cellar for months or years before catching attention. When it is 
discovered, time will have had little impact on it, except perhaps to enhance it. 

A truly great article combines both elements in a way that defies culinary comparison. It is, for lack of a better analogy, a chameleon. On the date of its 
publication it will seem to speak directly to the headlines of the moment. In a week, when the topic has been more soundly beaten than the proverbial dead 
horse, it will appear to be quite another animal. 

It will show no signs of having every attempt to be trendy, but will instead appear to be a bit of useful information or sage advice that defies time. It 
may no longer gather the frenzied interest it briefly knew, but it will continue to reward those who find it – and perhaps entice them to share their find 
with others.

So how does one go about creating a great article that is both timeless and timely? As you would likely guess, some topics lend themselves more easily to 
this than others. Articles on personal finance provide an exceptional example of this elusive species. 

A financial article can strike this balance with just a few subtle word changes. If your headline reads “Great Investment For The Recession” you have, at 
best, created a seasonal hit. The recession is likely to pass and lead to another economic season. When recession season comes round again, your article 
might be taken out of the attic and hung on the tree once more.

Consider instead “Great Investments For Uncertain Times.” When the economy becomes stable and predicable, authors everywhere will be busy penning reports 
of flying swine and unprecedented precipitation. With the buzzword engine in full tilt, your article could land on the front page. The readers’ mindset 
will automatically swap “uncertain times” with “recession.” It will do equally well when depression season comes. 

Of course, the true story here is the investment that is perfect for every economic season. Discovering that money making secret is left as an exercise for 
the reader. 

In addition to being highly unlikely, the fictional article above is also a very pure example of the breed. It is much easier, and often much more fun, to 
create a Frankenstein article melded from the timely and the timeless. By leading with the breaking news and then sprinkling in timely details, you can add 
shelf life to your creation without sacrificing details applicable only to the movement. 

This is hardly a new idea. It is used on a daily basis by media companies around the world. However, it is never given a name. We authors have names for all 
of our other tricks (the “hook,” the “punchline,” ect.). Why not this one? Since “great article” or “the timeless tactic” seems too generic, perhaps the 
food analogy can help after all. Will this writing technique now and forever be known as “the preservative”? Only time will tell.


Customer Feedback

One of many happy customers who list on our site, Kevin Cudby of Wellington, New Zealand (, has this to say:

"I am so busy I have been turning work away. Writerfind is an important part of that - most of my work comes through either Writerfind or my own website."

Another happy customer, Martha Collins ( of Texas, USA says:

"Writerfind continues to be a good investment for me. Every month I receive inquiries from potential clients who find me via my Writerfind listing." 

An abundance of jobs come via listings on the site like Kevin's and Martha's, and many of them are not posted publicly. Sign up for a Writerfind Profile now 
at, and get a piece of this work. Experienced professionals only please.


Freelance Work

Work currently posted on our public job board,, includes:

* I'm looking for a PR Person to help me increase the awareness of my company to companies. (Posted 14 June. Location Australia)

*Archetypon S.A. is seeking experts in the field of drafting/summarizing texts for a potential long-term project. (Posted 12 June. Location anywhere)

* We're looking for regular coverage of the NZ legal market, specifically about commercial law firms and their businesses. (Posted 7 June. Location New 

* Global bar scene website seeks writers. (Posted 2 June. Location anywhere)

* Writer for Office English book wanted (Posted 30 May. Location anywhere)

* Writer for Business English Writing textbook wanted (Posted 30 May. Location anywhere)

& San Min Book Co., Ltd., one of Taiwan’s best-known publishers, seeks proofreaders who are interested in proofreading English-learning textbook. (Posted 27 
May. Location anywhere)

* We are building a website for care givers of aging parents. We need 2 article writers (preferably with writing experience in ‘eldercare’ and/or 
geriatrics, medical, health care) to create content on a regular basis. (Posted 23 May. Location anywhere)

* We are looking for amateurs & qualified desk writers to work with us on a freelance (per article) basis. (Posted 20 May. Location anywhere)

* Taiwan publisher looking for writer for the book “English for Tourism” (Posted 20 May. Location anywhere)

* CVC is looking for news correspondents to contribute to CVC Network News broadcasts and a variety of program segments. (Posted 20 May. Location - South 

* TransPerfect Staffing Solutions (TSS), a division of TransPerfect Translations, is seeking top notch Technical Writers to fill freelance, contract and/or 
full time positions available in a variety of industries. (Posted 18 May. Location USA/Canada)

Writers and editors: Please remember to check the job board regularly, and note also that to get timely access the full range of jobs posted at Writerfind 
you will need to sign up for our fee-based mailing list service.

Jobs are posted to members of this mailing list immediately they come in. You can sign up at

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