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Guide to Hiring Business Writers.

The Technical Writer as Designer
This article is on the topic of visual design, and how writers can learn and apply the elements of visual design to enhance their message and the appeal of their written documents. According to the author, Beverley Stevens, good visual design can be learned without the need to attend formal courses in graphic design. 

The Business of  Working from Home
This article has been kindly contributed by Heather Douglas of Home Business New Zealand Ltd. It provides advice on running the business side of your writing, and will be particularly useful for freelancers who work from home. 

Overseas Work: Arranging Payment
Advice on how to ensure you get paid in a timely manner when working with overseas clients. 

Freelance Writers' Earnings Surveys
The results of a survey conducted on the site in May 2012.

The Secrets of Having an Abundance of Freelance Work
Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist? In this article, Chet Dembeck argues that freelance writers need to become specialists in order to get the best jobs.  Not everyone agrees with this argument, though: some comments from readers.

Interview with a Ghostwriter -- Clifford Thurlow

Training Courses for Writers
Courses in Journalism (Freelance),  Creative Writing,  Technical Writing,  Editing,  Journalism, PR /Corporate Communications

NZ Writing Courses - Editing, Proofreading and Technical Writing (Discussion - Various Contributors) 

Publishing E-Books: The Promises and the Perils
Have you been trying to publish a book, and been fobbed off repeatedly by the publishers you approach? Do you suspect an increasing (profit-driven) conservatism and narrowness in traditional publishing circles may be stopping your highly original works from even getting a look-in? If you have answered either of these questions in the affirmative, e-publishing may be for you. Before getting seriously involved, though, consider deeply ....

Selling Information on the Internet: Email and Ezines

Selling Information on the Internet- Email and Ezines, Part II: Interview with Allan Gardyne

Successful Authors Move Online:  Interviews and Progress Reports
We will be interviewing authors who have recently started selling their books on-line.  The idea is to gain a realistic view of  what can be achieved through this medium.

Writing Opinion Pieces for Major US Newspapers

Teaming Up with Local Printers for Freelance Work

Report - 10 Ways to Promote Your Book without Paying ... Much

How to Create a Multi-Functional Newsletter to Promote Your Freelance Business and Secure More Work

9 Essential Secrets You Must Know Before You Sell Your Copywriting Services to Small Local Businesses This Year!

How to Multiply Your Freelance Work