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Raewyn Alexander
Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, magazine features, radio fiction, blogs, plays, and promotional materials I produce with excellence. Also editing, manuscript assessment, or ghost-writing is provided by this expert.


Local Availability: Auckland, Hamilton, and surrounding districts, or flying anywhere if this is included in my fee.

Media Experience
Print, Web, Radio

Biographical Note
Raewyn Alexander is an international writer of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, feature articles, blogs, promotions and more. She also provides expert advice in writing workshop situations, or as an editor or manuscript assessor. Her Bachelor of International Communication (UNITEC 2004) taught Raewyn invaluable methods of getting across persuasive, effective messages for many business and literary purposes.

For decades she's judged writing competitions, and worked with writers and others on countless projects to do with words, vital communication, and making the best impression on a page.

From 2003 Alexander edited and promoted a literary magazine for six years. She's also promoted various successful literary events like poetry readings and book launches for decades.

Publishing advice and related guidance is also available, since Raewyn has had books and pieces of writing published by for instance, Penguin, Random House, Auckland University Press, various magazines and others. She's also performed her work in Australia, England, the USA, and New Zealand by invitation.

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Published Writings
Fat and Concrete two novels, Penguin, 1990s
AUP New Poets One, Auckland University Press, 1999 still in print
Bacon is Not a Vegetable (701 Tips for Flatting), non-fiction, David Ling, 2000
Sweet - A Guide for Teenagers, non-fiction, David Ling, 2001
Raewyn's Poetic Journey and Trees for Travel, online blog, 2012 - 2016
RaewynAlexanderOoo blog 2016 to present day
NCEA study guides for Knowledgeshop, 2011
What Do Whales Dream? play, performed by, from scratch 2012
Glam Rock Boyfriends, An Imaginary Memoir, novel, brightspark books, 2015
Our Mother Flew Unassisted, poetry collection, brightspark books 2016
Book reviews, Landfall magazine, Otago University Press 2011 - 2016
Book reviews, NZ Herald 1990s
Standing Up Anyway, feature article, Metro Magazine 2016
Poetry, or stories, or essays in Landfall, Poetry NZ, Takahe, Bravado, (NZ),
Blackmail Press, trout, nzepc, English Wednesday, (online international),
Fish Drink Like Us, (USA), Southernmost Point Guest House, (USA),
Ulitarra (Aus), on Radio NZ and in other publications, 1990s - present day
Better Writing and From Earth and Rain two writing guides 2014 to present day
Ghost writing, one novel, one film script 2017, one philosophy book, 2017, one
creativity theory publication, 2018, two short stories, 2018.

Raewyn Alexander Manuscript Assessment and Editing Service

Please google my name, or see my writing history here -, Raewyn 

My latest - Glam Rock Boyfriends is my third novel, Our Mother Flew Unassisted is a poetry collection, an ebook prose poetry comic Nothing and Nowhere (but Love), and other work's available world-wide on Amazon. Or fnd some of my other books in Aotearoa NZ libraries or good bookshops. Poetry and stories also published in literary magazines worldwide, or broadcast on Radio NZ, and some available online in blogs too. A play, A Grimm Punk Story is in pre-production 2018. I've edited for publisher Earl of Seacliff, a best-seller, The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box by Julie Helean, (she also won The Katherine Mansfeld Award later).

I process edited best-seller, non-fction The Grey Lynn Book by Matt McEvoy, (Paul Little publisher), to get the work accepted. Also, I've edited essays, non-fction writing, poetry, news, website info., stories, novels and other writing for over 20 years now, assisting writers like Dr Jack Ross, (now editor of Poetry NZ), David Lyndon Brown, Olwyn Stewart, Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway, Alice Hooton, Sandra Bell, UNITEC students, Community College students, Blue Haven Writers, Hibiscus Coast Writers, and countless others.

I'm paid to review books, in Aotearoa NZ and overseas. My ghost-writing has so far included novels, scripts, non-fction, and stories.

I may expertly write, edit or assess anything you wish.

1. We work together - I make your writing read beautifully.

Send me your notes, ideas, a story, novel, or poem, an email/letter, CV, website content, or factual account. Send any writing for me to polish. It's fne to send only a few pages at frst, a sample to edit.

Raewyn Alexander Manuscript Assessment and Editing Service

2. Also, I advise re publication, hourly fee, $50- one to two hours. A written account and steps to follow. I was a publisher, with much material launched by other publishers.

3. Order a manuscript assessment, (any writing, e.g. novels, stories, poems, essays, article, blogs, website, scripts).... 12 point font, double-spaced. $9- per page

I state what's great already, your strengths. Then I explain more effective techniques for some of the work, ways to make any piece of writing more readable, memorable, and engaging, then stating what' best to do next. Finally, I outline the genre, who your readers could be, and answer basic questions re publishing if needed.

4. Editing. Some people only want copy editing. You write material then I correct the

spelling, some wording, grammar, and punctuation, make sure it all fows well, the basics at 1.5 cents a word. Or structural editing includes form, shape, wording, spelling, and grammar, with a written report, explaining the edit at 3 cents a word.

5. Ghost-writing is when I write the work completely and edit it too, all from your notes and ideas - $14- a page.

6. Sorry, however I don't - listen to your dictation and write for you. You see, we cannot write how we speak, (with gestures, tone of voice, eye contact etc)., so my writing what you say would only result in notes. They then require more paid work to become good writing, usually this is extremely time-consuming and therefore expensive. Ask a friend/family member to please write what you need, or you write the story or piece of writing however you may, then send those notes to me for refining.

Please also understand, I don't read material and let you know what I think, without a fee.

7. Your copyright's in place as soon as you write something. Usually no writing is stolen, unless already famous. Your writing is safe with me.

Raewyn Alexander Manuscript Assessment and Editing Service

Later, thank you, after we've completed your work, you may contact me for two weeks. Ask questions with no further charge, re your manuscript.

If you've a tight budget, send a manuscript in three or more parts, paying for each section before it's copy-edited.

Most manuscripts take two to six weeks.

All payments in advance.

Ensure your manuscript is your best possible - we want work to sparkle, appear clear, and original, so employ me to make this happen. Fine to meet and have a chat or email with queries, anyway.

To pay -

Do a word count, multiply by amount per word = your estimate. Send me the work (usually by email), state what you want done. Then I check what you need, and send an invoice to you.

Next send an electronic file to me, or hard copy if you wish, and pay me. Then I edit or assess the work, or do ghost-writing for you from notes.


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