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Marymartha Bell
Enthusiastic biographical ghost writer captures the voice of the subject. I create the same, from inside the experience, style for historical fiction, fantasy and sci-fi, springing it to life and drawing relevance to today.

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Media Experience
Print, Extensive experience producing biographies, most often from oral interviews. Experienced in sci-fi and fantasy, historical fiction and horror writing.

Biographical Note
I tired of technical writing in the early 1990s, and changed to a more interesting, challenging field, that of biographies. I worked for Dr. John Beck, in Lancaster, California, from 1994 through 1998, providing detailed biographies of clients, from interview, for medical-legal reports. It was in this era that I learned to capture the subject’s “voice,” see into the cause-and-effect of life events, and provide compelling portrayals of unique individuals, set into their historical and sociological content.

As life often goes, I was caught in a tempest of health care for some years, worked a variety of interesting jobs, gained life experience and became adept at child, elderly and disabled care-taking.

As a newly widowed, newly single woman in 2007 – the children grown, the elders passed – I finally gained a college degree: Bachelor’s of Social Science, Education(2010). I taught in private schools, and gained higher certification to indulge in social work and providing therapy for children and families of behaviorally challenging children and youth. Worn out too quickly, and again engaged in elder care, I returned to my first love of writing.

I now consider myself “semi-retired” and have had such kind words from clients as “Ace Editor” and “insightful author.” I have enjoyed working with Judi Calhoun on adult fantasy sci-fi, and with Janet Dickinson on children’s historical fiction – if you haven’t heard from these folks yet, you will! Let’s get your project done! It will be my delight!

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Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
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