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Joe Henley-Freelance Writing and Editing
Freelance Writer and Editor-Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Al Jazeera, Forbes, South China Morning Post,, Vice, Travel & Leisure-Informative and Entertaining Stories of the Underground, the Unseen and the Under-Represented.

Local availablity: I am available locally to meet clients in Taiwan, but I also frequently travel around Asia to meet with clients throughout the region. Though based out of Taipei, I'm a digital nomad and can travel virtually anywhere for an assignment.

Media Experience
Print, Web, TV

Biographical Note
For over a decade I've dedicated my career to telling stories of the people and places the powers that be would rather we forget. From documenting the abuse of migrant workers in Taiwan, to shedding light on the plight of families who have lost loved ones to the war on drugs in the Philippines, to writing on dissident musicians of Cuba through investigative reports, my goal has always been to show people a side of the world that might not otherwise have crossed their minds.

In writing the articles, scripts, and novels I've completed thus far, my mission has been no less than to open peoples' minds to new possibilities, new avenues of thinking, and new ways of seeing the world, their place within it, and the impact we have on one another in the era of high-speed globalization.

During my time as a writer, I've expanded my list of clients to include the likes of National Geographic Channel and Discovery in the field of television, and the Taipei Times, South China Morning Post, Al Jazeera,, Vice, Travel and Leisure, and Forbes in the realm of print and online journalism.

Specialist fields of knowledge include the music scene of Asia at large, issues pertaining to human rights violations in Taiwan and the surrounding area, the political climate of the Greater China region, and the ins and outs of traveling throughout the Asian continent and beyond through my work as a travel writer for various online and print publications.

Awards won over the course of my career include the statue for Best Science Program at the 2015 Golden Bell Awards (scriptwriter). My style of writing is best described as gritty and intense, yet eloquent and heartfelt, with compassion and empathy for my subjects never beyond arm's reach.

Published Writings
Manila’s ‘apartment tombs’, where the poor bury their dead – until the contract ends
South China Morning Post
August 27th, 2017

No peace for the dead in Rodrigo Duterte's drug war
Al Jazeera
October 26, 2016

Duterte’s war on drugs creating generation of orphans
South China Morning Post
November 16, 2016

Death, abuse, exploitation: Taiwan’s migrant worker shame
South China Morning Post
October 6, 2016

Domestic slavery, Maid in Taiwan
Taipei Times
February 17, 2015

Burned by the System
Taipei Times
August 17, 2015

A Raw Deal
Taipei Times
December 15, 2015

Voices of the Exploited
Taipei Times
June 2, 2015

Bu San Bu Si: A Taiwan Punk Tale (Novel)
Camphor Press
May 2, 2017
ISBN-10: 1910736414
ISBN-13: 978-1910736418

Sons of the Republic (Novel, out of print)
Library Tales Publishing
September 2014

Contact Details
Taipei, Taiwan

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