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Name: Cameron Williams
JobDetails: The Australian Institute for Tropical Health & Medicine (AITHM) is one of James Cook University’s premier research organisations, with a membership of almost 300 researchers operating from sites including Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Thursday Island.
AITHM is seeking expressions of interests from talented freelance writers or journalists who have an interest in crafting engaging and compelling articles that will help to promote its research projects to the wider community. A number of articles (500-750 words) will be commissioned throughout 2018. For each article, writers will be given contact details for the relevant researcher(s) and a brief statement about the research. Writers will be expected to contact the researcher, conduct an interview with them (via phone/skype or similar), draft an article for review by the researcher, and edit the article based on the researcher’s feedback prior to submission.
Articles should be targeted at profiling AITHM’s research work in a way that is positive and is understandable to the mainstream community. Where relevant, articles should emphasise the value that the research is contributing, or has the potential to contribute to, improvements in health, social, economic and/or political outcomes, and where possible reference contemporary or topical matters relevant to the research.
Articles will normally be published without reference to authorship. Where the University, in its sole discretion, determines that an article would benefit from a by-line in which the author is named, authorship may be attributed.
Copyright in articles produced through this process will vest with the University. Articles will be published by the University as it sees fit, and content may be edited at the University’s discretion, and used on various platforms including: release to media, publication on University documents, websites and social media. In the event that an author wishes to retain the right to display their work (e.g., on their website), prior written approval will be required from the University before the article is displayed, and display will normally need to be withheld until after the article has been published by the University.

Expression of Interest submission

Expressions of interests should be submitted by email to
Expressions of interest should include:
1. cover letter outlining your interest and expertise in writing articles of the type required by AITHM, the approach you would take to crafting such articles, and your experience in making complex (e.g., scientific) topics relevant and understandable to the general community. (Max. 2 pages)
2. resume
3. at least one article of ~500 words or more that you have written, in a style that you believe is consistent with the style expected in the AITHM articles
4. your expected rate of remuneration (total amount payable per article).

Closing Date: 2pm, 24 May 2018.

EOI Terms and Conditions
a) No Binding Agreement
This EOI does not create any binding legal relationship.
No legal or other obligation will arise between an offeror and JCU unless and until formal documentation has been signed. In particular, JCU is not obliged to proceed to a tender stage or to proceed to negotiate with any interested party.
JCU may accept or reject any EOI offer in its absolute discretion without giving any reason and is under no obligation to give any reasons for its decision to an offeror.
b) Variations to Expressions of Interest
JCU may, in its absolute discretion, cancel, vary or supplement this EOI and/or the Project at any time by written notice.
c) Disclaimer
Offerors must make and rely on their own investigations and satisfy themselves in relation to all aspects of the EOI.
JCU will not be liable for any incorrect or misleading information provided in this EOI or any document or report referred to in the EOI, including, without limitation, at any briefing or in response to any questions or failure to disclose information.
d) Reservations
The offeror must not make any changes to its EOI offer after it has been submitted, without the written consent of the University, which will be given, withheld or given with conditions in its absolute discretion.
e) Cost of Applicants
All costs and expenses incurred by offerors in respect of this EOI, including in any way association with the preparation and submissions of the EOI offer, (including but not limited to attending meetings and discussions and providing additional information if required by the University), will be borne entirely by the offerors.
f) No Liability of University
The University will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any loss or expense suffered by an offeror as a result, direct or indirect, of this EOI being deferred, suspended, terminated or otherwise not proceeding for any reason whatsoever.
g) Representation and Warranties
Each EOI offer is made on the basis that the offeror represents and warrants to the University that it does not rely on any representation or warranty made by or on behalf of the University other than expressly contained in this EOI document.

h) Confidentiality
Offerors should clearly indicate whether any aspects of their EOI offer are the subject of a claim for confidentiality. However, offerors should be aware that the University may need to make available confidential information to its consultants and may also be required to do so by law.
Each offeror agrees not to disclose information provided by the University other than in this EOI document that is not publicly available except:
• to any person in connection with any exercise of rights or a dealing with rights or obligations under these conditions.
• to an officer, employee, legal advisor or auditor of the applicant if that person undertakes to the University to observe this clause 7 (h); or
• with the consent of the University; or
• if required by any law

i) Conditions of Contract
The successful vendor will be engaged with the JCU Standard of Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Goods and Services.

Address: Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, Building 48, James Cook University, Townsville

Region: Townsville

ApplicationDeadline: 2pm 24 May 2018

CompanyDetails: Background
AITHM maintains a broad program of research focussed on addressing risks to Australia’s health security and health challenges impacting populations in the tropical zone globally. Current areas of research focus include:
• vaccine and therapeutic development to address infectious diseases including malaria, tuberculosis and influenza;
• mapping the spread and mutations of infectious diseases including tuberculosis in tropical zones, modelling the impact of interventions, and preventing disease outbreak;
• developing therapeutics from the tropical biome - current projects involve developing therapeutic uses for parasites including hookworm and a Thai liver fluke
• controlling the spread of mosquito-borne diseases including malaria, dengue and zika
• improving the health of Australia’s indigenous populations,
• developing therapeutic approaches to control chronic disease including obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurism, black lung and asthma
• developing improved approaches to allergy testing and therapies to address seafood allergies
• treatment to control internal bleeding in trauma situations
• examining the economic impact of illness, disease and the provision of healthcare services.

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