Editors Copywriting Services

Editors copywriting services

It’s no secret that content is becoming more and more vital for most businesses. We have professional copywriters to help ensure that you have quality content, whether you want it written for you, or whether you want to use our expert editing services to optimize content that you already have prepared.

Editorial freelancers allow you to have the creative input you need to have in your project, while still making sure that it is free from errors or mistakes.

What is an editor copywriter?

An editor copywriter is also known as a copy editor. Copyeditors are expert copywriters who help companies improve their content by proofreading and editing the content that other people create. This is vitally important, as while you can choose to write the content yourself, it is always worth getting a professional content writer to look over the writing and improve it.

Not only do copy editors find mistakes and errors in the language, grammar, and format of a piece of writing, they can also help make it flow better. While you may want to write the basics for your website yourself, you will absolutely need someone to help make sure the tone and voice are correct for your industry and your target market – which can vary massively between different languages.

Copy editors also have the technical know-how to help with SEO and formatting any pieces of writing, from blogs to white papers. Since we are an agency of many freelancers, all our writers come from a varied range of backgrounds meaning that you can get a copywriter with knowledge in your industry or business’s field. On top of their excellent language skills, this makes sure that they can approach the task with full knowledge.

Why would I use a copy editor?

While you know your industry best and may want to handle content creation in-house, there is a huge benefit to using copywriters to edit your written content. Our expert professional writers have experience using language and words to tell a story, inspire readers, and drive sales. Hiring a copy editor can help make sure your content has the right focus and style for your target audience, as well as making sure that you avoid any unfortunate or embarrassing errors in the writing – and we all know how damaging errors can be to a professional website or marketing email.

What are multilingual copywriting services?

Multilingual copywriting is vital in the rapidly globalizing world. More and more, it can be important to expand your business to new foreign markets, however, this comes with a language barrier. Multilingual content writers can help create the content you need in multiple different languages.

Using a multilingual copywriting service means that you know the content you get will be properly made for your customers, whatever language they speak.

We have a team of writers who can write content in a range of different languages, as well as help with SEO language.

What projects can I hire a copy editor for?

Almost any project can be helped by a proper editor copywriting service. Our expert team of writers has experience in editing a wide range of different content formats, so you can be sure that you will get high-quality content whatever your project.

Website copy

Websites are often the first thing that customers read about your business. If you have a new website or are expanding with new website content and web pages, you need to make sure all this content is properly edited. This will help encourage traffic to your site and can increase your conversion rate hugely.

Blog writing and editing

Regardless of whether you are posting blogs on your own website or as guest posts on another web page, to get the best impression you should make sure that your blog posts are perfectly crafted. Our writers have experience with article writing and editing in a range of subjects, and can adeptly research and write about new subjects.

Technical writing

Technical writing can be a daunting field, but our content writers can help. We have copywriters with experience in a range of technical fields. Our professional writers can tackle all technical editing and writing projects, including white papers, research papers, academic articles, user manuals, and other industry-specific items. We make sure that all pieces are perfected and that technical subjects are presented in a way that’s approachable for your target market.

Press releases

Press content needs to be precise to make sure that readers hear the right message. Whether it is press releases, journalistic articles, or any other piece, our copywriting services can lend their editing skills to any content, making sure that your press items stand out in the crowd and get the right response.


Whatever advertising and marketing content you need, our experienced writers and editors can help make sure that your business is getting the right attention through ad copy, email marketing, or web page adverts. We have writers who are experienced in both digital and physical marketing copy. You can have full creative input on your marketing while still making sure that it is free from errors.

What makes us the best choice?

Our freelance copywriting services are tailored to help you find the best content writers and editors for your business. Whatever content you need editing, we have experts in the field of proofreading and editing.

Our writers have years of experience creating and editing quality content for a range of different industries and a range of different content types. More than just proofreading or writing, we make sure that your content is the best it can be, focusing on tone, voice, customer outreach, and SEO. We consider writing to be an art form and want to make sure that all our clients can have the benefits of great content.

We pride ourselves that we have many happy customers who keep coming back to us for content editorial services and content writing again and again. Every copywriter we work with is a skilled professional, and our support team of project managers helps make sure that you get great customer service as well as great content.

As one of the leading multilingual content writing agencies, we can offer high-quality content in French, German, Spanish, Russian, or any other of the 150+ languages that we offer. We believe that the best content comes from having writers who create content in their native language, which helps make our writing more relatable for your business’s clients.


What other content writing services do we offer?

As well as proofreading and editorial services, we also offer copywriting. This means that we can take care of the whole process from the initial draft to final delivery if you prefer. Every writer who works with us is skilled in a range of copywriting skills, so we can help your business get the writing it needs.

How much does editing cost?

We offer clear per-world pricing for all our copywriting and editorial services. This helps you decide quickly and easily if our services are right for your project.

What is the editorial process?

We know that it can be hard to spot errors. That is why every writer we work with has experience and skill to make sure that they properly proofread your work. The writer will also make editorial suggestions for grammar, flow, tone, and more. Once this is done another member of our team will check the work for accuracy before delivery. Throughout this, one of our dedicated project managers will help you stay aware of your job’s progress and can relay any information to the writer or team working on your piece.

What languages do you offer?

Out writing team is proficient in over 150 languages. We firmly believe that the best-quality copywriting comes from writers who use their native language, so any writer who creates copywriting for us will be doing so with an intricate knowledge of their native tongue’s nuance, meaning, and tone.

How long does proofreading take?

The delivery time on a project depends on the size and complexity of the project. Please get in touch if you want to discuss your assignment and your deadline. If you need editorial services completed quickly, we also offer urgent editorial services to get your writing back to you as soon as possible.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, simply fill in the contact form or email us. Please include as many details of your project as you can, including the documents, the languages, and the deadline. We can get a quote back to you within one hour to help make the process quick and simple.

Is hiring an editors copywriting worth it?

Absolutely. Hiring a professional writer for your project will help make sure that your web pages, SEO copy, business articles, and marketing materials are all aimed perfectly at your target audience, as well as making sure that it is free from errors or issues.