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Charlotte A. G.
Writer who believes in the Sublime power of the unleashed mind. Provides article writing, blogging, fiction and non fiction writing, screenwriting, ghostwriting. Distinctly passionate about existentialism and philosophy, the supernatural, traveling, life changing literature and contemporary TV/cinema culture.


Local Availability: England

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Print, Blogging, Article writing

Biographical Note
I wrote my first story when I was 8. It had to do with a little girl solving a series of strange events taking place in her backyard. I've had a passion for storytelling and writing ever since.

I majored in Literature and Cinema in high school, before studying Screenwriting and Creative writing in Paris and London.

I am passionate about imaginary worlds and fascinated by the power of human thoughts; I love writing about how life and mankind seem to work, and always look further than what meets the eye. There is no such thing as a given to me.
I think I write to get lost in wider things than my little self. I am therefore open and genuinely glad to write about as many subjects as possible, given that I intend to constantly broaden my mind - even though I have a personal preference for article writing (about arts, lifestyle, traveling and life tropes), fiction and philosophically oriented non fiction.

My writing style is epigrammatic and crisp, and I could gladly give a flowery, literary tone if needed. My motto is to make any writing piece punchy, and definitely not rambling; a written work has to be lively

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Liverpool, England
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