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I need someone who can help me promote an online startup which we are about to launch. The startup is an online marketplace similar to Airtasker but with many differences. (Posted 7 Aug. Location anywhere)

We are seeking an articulate, expressive writer who integrates the intersection of business and Mindfullness. (Posted 7 Aug. Location anywhere)

Blue Mountain Arts is interested in reviewing writings for publication on greeting cards. (Posted 22 July. Location anywhere)

We are looking for candidates with strong writing skills and decent level of written English. (Posted 13 July. Location anywhere)

Wonder ( is a personal research assistant, helping people save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to their inboxes by a trusted network of researchers. We are looking for freelance researchers to join Wonder's research network. (Posted 13 July. Location anywhere)

US Journalist wanted. (Posted 13 July. Location USA)


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