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Helping businesses PACK A PUNCH online. Compelling web copywriting that gets people reading and skyrockets sales.

Local Availability: Based in the Waikato and open to travel within New Zealand. I also work remotely (email, phone, Skype and Google Docs) with businesses further afield. 

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As an online business owner, itís likely you see your website as both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, youíve never had so many opportunities to promote and market your business. On the other, fitting together all the pieces and actually making it work can be an uphill battle.

If youíre tearing your hair out over web copy, keyword research, blog posts and email pitches, when do you get time to attend to all the other things on your to-do listÖlet alone try and grow your business?

Hereís howÖ

Iím Emma Brooks and Iím the go-to copywriter for businesses who want to punch up conversion rates, but havenít a clue how to go about it or the time to do it themselves. 

I work behind the scenes, mapping out a step-by-step action plan for getting your business profitable, and then writing whatever copy you need to make that happen. 

Maybe your website is sounding a little stale around the edges and a rewrite would help you stand out and get noticed? Perhaps sending out a regular email would rev up sales? Or maybe youíre completely overwhelmed by the whole process and donít really know what you need? Either way, Iím here to help.

If youíre struggling to strike an impact online, drop me a line. My words have helped clients scale the search engine rankings, hook the attention of international media and send sales soaring. 

Letís go get you some of the same, shall we?

Simply email me at with the name of your business, your current website (if you have one) + a brief description of what youíre looking for and Iíll be right back in touch.

Published Writings

Please visit to view copy samples. 

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Emma Brooks,Raglan, Waikato, New Zea;amd 
07 825 7411