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ChemBio Writing and Editing
Dr Angela Kriste provides a professional and personal service to researchers, academics and commercial organisations. She writes and edits manuscripts, research papers and theses which have a chemical, health sciences, pharmaceutical or biological basis.


Local Availability: Available to travel locally in the Wellington, Wanganui or Palmerston North area, or any location on-line.

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Biographical Note
Angela has a PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry that was obtained from Queen's University, Canada. She is a native English speaker who is pedantic about the correct use of language in scientific based texts.

She currently owns and operates "ChemBio Writing and Editing", and is based on the Kapiti Coast, an hour north of Wellington, New Zealand. She edits and proof reads Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical and Health Science related text prior to journal or academic submission. These may be research proposals, research papers, presentations, abstracts, theses or books.

She also writes and edits documents where the scientific content is ancillary. These may be grant applications, letters of correspondence or technical information for commercial organisations, government agencies and community groups.

Angela has pharmaceutical, postdoctoral and freelance editing experience. She has a strong background in Chemistry and Biochemistry, with research experience in Instrumental Analysis, Drug Development and Testing. She has published a number of papers in international journals, and presented research at a number of international conferences.

Published Writings
1. A.G. Kriste, M. Tercel, S.M. Stribbling, K.J. Botting and W.R. Wilson, “Radiation-Activated Prodrugs: Hypoxia-Selective Radiolytic Release of potent Chloromethylbenzindoline (CBI) Cytotoxins from novel Nitroarylmethyl Quaternary (NMQ) Prodrugs.” British Journal of Cancer, 86, Suppl.1, S30-S31, 2002.
2. A.G. Kriste, M. Tercel, R.F. Anderson, D.M. Ferry and W.R. Wilson, “Pathways of Reductive Fragmentation of Heterocyclic Nitroarylmethyl Quaternary Ammonium Prodrugs of Mechlorethamine”, Radiation Research, 158 (6), 753 – 762, 2002.
3. D.Vizitiu, A.G. Kriste, A.S. Campbell and G.R.J. Thatcher, "Inhibition of Phosphatidylinositol-Specific phospholipase C: Studies on Synthetic Substrates, Inhibitors and a Synthetic Enzyme", J. Molecular Recognition, 9, 197, 1996.
4. A.G. Kriste, D.Vizitiu and G.R.J. Thatcher, "A Copper Metallomicelle Enzyme Model for Phospholipase C Catalysis and Inhibition", Chem. Communication, 913, 1996.
5. A.G. Kriste, L.F. Salter and B.S. Martincigh, "A Sensitive Immunoassay Technique for Thymine Dimer Quantitation in Ultraviolet-Irradiated DNA", J. Photochem, Photobiol. A: Chemistry, 93, 185 - 192, 1996.

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